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Ski Alp Race

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Ski Alp Race

The Ski Mountaineering World Championship has come to an end


The Ski Mountaineering World Championship has come to an end but the success still resonates thanks to the passions of those who believed in the project. On 25 February the Claut 2011 Ski Mountaineering World Championship has ended in the most desirable fashion with a grand party that involved...

Ski Alp Race

Italy flies to the top of the world.

25_02_2011 - At Piancavallo the Italian athletes Eydallin, Antonioli, Reichegger and Trento win

Switzerland win the gold medal for the female class with Etzensperger, Magnenat, Richard. The Swiss win also the youth race. On the closing day of the Claut World Championship, the relay race medals were assigned at Piancavallo. The spectacular race tells about the strength and determination not...

Ski Alp Race

Kilian Jornet Burgada and Mireia MirĂ² Varela win the gold medal in the individual race

24_02_2011 - Michele Boscacci and Robert Antonioli win the gold and silver for the Espoir class

The Rossetum was blessed with sun and fresh powder for a spectacular race. The sunny summit of the Rossetum was the perfect frame for anther top-notch sporting day. This morning the individual race medals were assigned in Claut; the Espoir and Senior classes races under the cheers of the crowd,...


From tomorrow THURSADY 7th will be available on this web site more information about the race!
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