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Discover Valcellina

La Valcellina

Valcellina: a sport heaven

First of all the mountain and its rock walls that attract mountaineers and climbers from all over the world; its many itineraries for excursionists and bikers; the powerful rivers that gather kayak and canoe lovers. This is Valcellina, a paradise for nature and sport enthusiasts, a living gym placed in an unforgettable scenery.

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Alpinismo in Valcellina

Mountaineering and ski mountaineering in Valcellina

Anyone who knows something about mountaineering and its environment will certainly know about the Alps and activities in Alta Valcellina. In the history of mountaineering and its technical-philosophical evolution, between the end of '800 and for all '900, especially with regard to climbing on Eastern and Giulie Alps, Alta Valcellina played a very important role. In fact these places directly and deeply experienced the three historical stage of mountaineering development.

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Claut da scoprire

Claut: a place to discover

CLAUT: clausum. Up there, at the top of Valcellina, surrounded by the mountains in the shade of century-old forests, repaired by snowy tops, lookout for a little group of houses with small courtyards which are still alive thanks to the voices of children playing despite the cold, the snow or the summer heat.

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Area scialpinistica del Pradut

Pradut Alpine skiing area

Ressetòm ridge, 12 km long, develops along Alta Valcellina in the south of Claut, east-west direction. Its southern side, steep and vertical on the top, is well visible from the Pordenone plain. The northern side, instead, degrades more sweetly towards Claut valley and, due to its exposure and slopes, it is more suitable for winter activities. In order to access the most interesting area from this point of view, go approximately 2.5 km after Claut village until you reach the little and atmospheric borough of Lòsis (locally known as "Stok").

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